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Animated Videos Designed to Sell

Our hyper-realistic animated videos cut through the noise and sell your product or brand.

You are a Needle in a Haystack

You have a stellar product and know people will buy it if you can get the right video in front of them, but coming up with the right creative is tough, and you don't have a clue where to begin.

Of course, you've seen cool videos on the interwebs but you have no clue how they were made or what the right type of video is for your specific product.

When you scroll through social media, maybe you even feel discouraged whenever you see the neverending feed of content. It seems an impossible task to stand out amongst the sea of endless videos.


We design videos that elevate your brand.

LYTR is an Emmy Award-winning animation company that provides full- service animated video content from concept to final delivery. 


Our hyper-realistic and stylized animated videos are designed to hook the viewer then highlight and emphasize the features of your product or service that turn doom- scrolling zombies into engaged customers.

Your product or service is worthy of having its story told effectively. Let LYTR craft that story that stands out and positions your brand as the high-end, premium option among your competitors.



Like a behind-the-scenes of your favorite childhood cartoon, we keep you updated on how the magic happens.

  • You get a glimpse into what your video will look like so there are no awkward surprises.

  • You receive style frames to see how the video will look.

  • You receive wireframe animatics to see how the video will move.


Final Delivery

Your project is done and digitally delivered. You can release it to the world and let the sales flood in.

  • You receive the final video in Apple ProRes at 4K, plus any other formats or resolutions you need for your marketing outlets.

  • You get a complimentary 8 hours of revisions in case we missed anything.

  • You get bonus still shots and social media specific renders for extra content.

Our 3-Step Animation Process

Skyscrapers aren’t built on a whim, and neither are the kind of videos you tell your friends about. A strong foundation is crucial to creating memorable, scroll-stopping content for your brand.

  • You receive a full treatment plan and proposal that will be the blueprint to the video

  • You help us understand how awesome your product or service is.

  • Together we discuss the creative possibilities with a 1 hour exploration call.




Hyper-realistic, stylized animated content is the most effective way to sell your products or services in 2024.

Hey, you already know attention spans are shrinking and there is more and more content everyday competing for our attention. The modern consumer expects to absorb information quickly and in shorter formats than before.


Animated product videos can increase purchases by 144%, so there is no confusion why video content is king in the social media and marketing world. 


82.2% of internet traffic is video. Even though it is obviously leading the charge in how people digest information online, it can be BRUTAL to stand out among all the filler content out there.


While live action video and photography is the most common form of content marketing, it is limited to universal physics and cheesy camera tricks to create interest. 


You don’t need wires to suspend things, smoke machines to add intrigue, or expensive camera rigs to create dynamic moves around your product.


At LYTR, we work in hyper-realistic 3D software and render engines, and can create visuals that would normally be impossible to achieve. We control the gravity, environment, physics and camera in ways that allow us to create footage that seems supernatural but looks 100% real. 


And if you want your product floating at the top of a mountain, we can make it look damn good floating at the top of an insurmountable mountain.


This lack of restriction lets us uniquely enhance key features of your product or express intangible concepts of your brand that will connect to customers.


Animated video connects on a more personal and unique level, allowing viewers to understand subtext that just cannot be conveyed by traditional video, photography, or copy. 


You have a great product or service that you know people want, now you need the best vehicle to shine through the clutter and allow customers to see it and understand it.


LYTR has been creating award-winning videos since 2014.

We have won multiple Emmys, Telly’s and Addy’s for our work and had the privilege of working with brands such as Nike, Wilson, Redbull, Costa, Titleist, Polaris and more.

We don’t rely on stock imagery or video or use easy-to-use animation platforms to spit out cookie-cutter content.

We are a bespoke animation studio that works with you directly to create custom-tailored animated videos that are in line with your brand.

We handle everything from script, concept, style, music, VO, sound effects and of course, badass animation.



  • How much does a video cost?
    Each video is custom tailored to your individual needs and therefore the costs vary. We start off each project with a questionnaire and 1 hour onboarding call so we can understand your specific needs and propose our tailored solution which will include a breakdown of costs. Our #1 goal is to offer the best possible service at a reasonable price.
  • How long does it take to get a video made?
    Much like the cost, because each video is individually tailored to your needs, the time needed to produce the video can vary. However, most projects fall within the 2-6 week range. Once we have onboarded you, we will have a better estimate of time.
  • What if I have a short deadline for my video?
    We fit every project into our schedule with the highest priority being quality. However, if you have a short deadline, we are happy to jump on a call with you to figure out the best solution for your needs (even if it is not using us).
  • What if I don’t have a 3D model of my product?
    No problem, we use a number of methods and technologies to create exact CG models of your product.
  • What if I already have a script and/or idea of what I want?
    Great! We can totally work with your script and/or vision and help bring it to life.
  • What if I don’t have a physical product?
    Totally fine. We have produced numerous explainer type videos where we help translate your intangible ideas into digestible visuals that viewers can connect with.
  • What if I want a hybrid video with both live action and animation?
    We love the idea! We have production partners we often work with or we are also happy to work with your preferred production company or working project.
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